Oxley Pantry Community Member of the Month

Winner of the month of September, 2015 is:




*DYLAN WHITE – Dear Oxley PS, I just wanted to say how impressed I was with one of your students.  It was the 6th October, Tuesday afternoon.  My daughter Eva was riding home from school.  We were passing at the Stan Allen Reserve when a magpie came down and swooped Eva.  Eva got quite upset and scared, but not to worry as young Dylan White came along and asked if she was alright and continued on riding beside her so the magpie wouldn’t swoop her again.  I thought this was the kindest gesture and something I’m sure by the looks of it does often, help others I mean.  So thank you Dylan, it’s with actions like yours that give Oxley Primary its great reputation and friendly atmosphere.  From Wendy Siperki

*TIANA WILLIAMS – I am grateful for all my sisters and brother.  I love them all.

*MIKALA HACKETT – I’m grateful for friends that help you when you hurt yourself.  I’m grateful for school.

*ADDISYN MILLER – I am grateful for my family.

*ZOE BAGULEY – I am grateful for Oxley Primary School.

*MRS BATEY – I am grateful for having such fantastic students in my P/1 class.

*EVA SIPERKI – I am grateful for hugs and kisses from Mum and Dad.